Language Learning Lab participates in leading second language conference

A group picture of our lab in Montpellier
From left to right: Chris Ott, Yun-Wei (Kelly) Lee, Sophie Bennett, Professor Susana Correia (NOVA University Lisbon), Wensi Zhang, Professor Patrick Rebuschat, Dr. Yuxin (Cindy) Ge, Dr. Gabriela Tavares (NOVA University Lisbon), Xia (Summer) Wang, Soroosh Akef, Professor Simón Ruiz (Pamplona), and Liqui (Yuki) Zhu.

Lancaster’s Language Learning Lab was particularly well represented at the annual meeting of the European Second Language Association (EuroSLA).

EuroSLA is the globally leading conference for second and foreign language researchers, and the 33rd edition took place in Montpellier, France, between July 3-6, 2024.

The lab had nine presentations at this prestigious conference, seven of which were delivered by our early-career researchers Soroosh Akef, Sophie Bennett, Yuxin (Cindy) Ge, Chris Ott, Xia (Summer) Wang, Wensi Zhang, and Liuqi (Yuki) Zhu. The other two presentations were led by Professor Patrick Rebuschat, co-director of the Language Learning Lab, and by our colleague (and Lancaster alumnus) Professor Simon Ruiz (Pamplona).

Professor Patrick Rebuschat said: “Our doctoral students really left an excellent impression at EuroSLA! They prepared diligently for the conference and delivered excellent presentations, in front of large audiences, a sign of the great interest in their work within the SLA community. I am delighted for them, and very much look forward to our next conference trip!”

The conference also represented an opportunity to catch up with colleagues from NOVA University Lisbon, Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona, the University of Tübingen and other international institutions.

EuroSLA 34 will take place in Tromsø, Norway, on June 25-28, 2025.

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