TESOL Horizons Conference

Expanding Tesol Horizons Conference

On the 24th of October our outstanding last year cohort students, in partnership with the South China Normal University 华南师范大学, organised the TESOL Horizons Postgraduate Conference. The conference took place online, using Tencent Meeting software.

The aim of the conference was to:

  • To gain insight into the dissertation work produced by Lancaster’s 2019-20 cohort.
  • To understand the research being produced by South China’s students.
  • To watch presentations on a range of different topics that expand traditional notions of TESOL.
  • To begin to formulate ideas for your own research.
  • To show new ways of pushing Applied Linguistics and TESOL boundaries.
  • To see what you could achieve in your new role as an Applied Linguistics and TESOL student at Lancaster.

These are the topics that were presented and discussed.

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