Dr Julie Hearn


Current Teaching

She is the convenor of the following courses:

PPR.222 The Politics of Development

PPR.336 Africa and Global Politics

PPR.413 Globalisation, the State and Democracy in the Third World

Supervision of final year dissertations

‘New’ nations: resource-based development imaginaries in Ghana and Ecuador
Childs, J.R., Hearn, J.F. 04/2017 In: Third World Quarterly. 38, 4, p. 844-861. 18 p.
Journal article

Latin American cleaners fight for survival: lessons for migrant activism
Hearn, J., Bergos, M. 07/2011 In: Race and Class. 53, 1, p. 65-82. 18 p.
Journal article

Learning from the Cleaners? Trade Union Activism among Low Paid Latin American Migrant Workers at the University of London
Hearn, J., Bergos, M. 2010 Identity, Citizenship and Migration Centre, University of Nottingham
Working paper

African NGOs: The New Compradors?
Hearn, J. 11/2007 In: Development and Change. 38, 6, p. 1095-1110. 16 p.
Journal article

Between a rock and a hard place : African NGOs, donors and the state. Igoe, J. & Kelsall, T.
Hearn, J. 12/2006 In: Journal of Modern African Studies. 44, 4, p. 653-653. 1 p.
Journal article

The "invisible NGO" : US evangelical missions in Kenya.
Hearn, J. 2002 In: Journal of Religion in Africa. 32, 1, p. 32-60. 29 p.
Journal article

The US democratic experiment in Ghana.
Hearn, J. 2002 In: Africa in crisis : new challenges and possibilities. London : Pluto Press p. 97-108. 12 p. ISBN: 0745316484.

The "Uses and Abuses" of Civil Society in Africa.
Hearn, J. 1/03/2001 In: Review of African Political Economy. 28, 87, p. 43-53. 11 p.
Journal article

Aiding civil society? : some critical questions.
Hearn, J. 02/2000 In: Africa World Review. p. 7-11. 5 p.
Journal article

Aiding democracy ? donors and civil society in South Africa.
Hearn, J. 2000 In: Third World Quarterly. 21, 5, p. 815-830. 16 p.
Journal article

Civil society and democracy assistance in Africa
Hearn, J., Robinson, M. 2000 In: Democracy assistance. London : Frank Cass p. 241-262. 22 p.

Foreign political aid, democratisation and civil society in Uganda in the 1990s.
Hearn, J. 08/1999
Working paper

Foreign political aid, democratisation, and civil society in Africa : a study of South Africa, Ghana and Uganda.
Hearn, J. 03/1999
Discussion paper

"The NGO-isation" of Kenyan society: USAID and the restructuring of health care
Hearn, J. 03/1998 In: Review of African Political Economy. 25, 75, p. 89-100. 12 p.
Journal article