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Undergraduate Degrees in Global Religions

Religious ideas and movements have always crossed borders and influenced social and political events. In a globalising world, religious traditions continue to develop and affect relations between states as well as ideologies and philosophical thinking. Identifying the boundaries between religion, politics and philosophy is now virtually impossible. Our Global Religions degrees examine these interconnections and enable you to understand the roles of religion in the modern world.

Explore the role played by religions in contemporary politics and the world of ideas. You’ll explore the latest research with leading experts in the field, and develop an interdisciplinary perspective on global problems, as well as the skills needed in a wide range of careers.

Religion in a world in transition

You’ll gain a grounding in the fundamental concepts and debates in international politics. You’ll learn to view religion in a global context, and explore how it influences the contemporary world. You’ll apply your knowledge to real-world issues which sit at the crossroads of religion and international relations, such as the tensions between tradition, modernity and globalisation.

You’ll study in our interdisciplinary Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion – the only one of its kind in the UK. bringing together expertise from across these fields to deliver a holistic perspective on complex global problems.

Our new Global Religions BA programmes

These degrees allow you to integrate the study of Religion with either Politics, International Relations or Philosophy. They give you the flexibility to explore your individual interests, and also placement or study abroad year options. They equip you with the intellectual and research skills to succeed in your future career – whether in business, government, teaching or non-governmental organisations.

Global Religions Degrees

Global Religions and International Relations Joint Honours Accordion

Meet the Global Religions team

Our new Global Religions team bring together a rich and diverse set of knowledge, experience and interests.

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Our alumni share their experiences, tips and advice, including how their degrees led them to their current jobs. They have taken up a wide range of careers, ranging from Media Relations Officer in Her Majesty’s Revenue to Customs and Government Affairs Manager at Vodafone.

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