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An initiative interested in ethics and values based policy-making, located in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion at Lancaster University.

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Putting ethics and values at the heart of policy-making.

About EVPI

The question of ethics and values is crucial to policymaking, particularly in our increasingly connected, globalised and complex world. However, policymaking is often rooted in an evidence-based approach that can exclude issues of ethics and values. We must connect the evidence to ethics and values to confront the fundamental issues facing wider society.To help do this, the PPR Department has created the new Ethics, Values and Policy Initiative. This initiative brings together academic experts and policy actors to explore developing an ethics and values-based framework for evidence-based policy making.

The EVPInitiative will showcase high profile speakers giving public lectures, policymaker forums, engagement with local, regional, and international policy actors and other activities.

Initial areas of focus include:

  • EDI and issues of racial equity and justice in policymaking.
  • Bioethics and questions of future health challenges and policy.
  • Foreign policy and peace initiatives – is an ethical foreign policy possible?
  • The problem of complex decision making - can ethics and values act as organising principles for policy?
  • AI and next generation technologies, what are the ethics and values of the future?
  • Using ethics and values to direct cybersecurity – can it work?
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These are some of the publications from our board members on their past and current research relating to ethics, values, and policy-making.


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