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Undergraduate Philosophy, Politics and Economics Degrees

PPE explores the events and ideas that make up our world today.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) explores the events and ideas that make up our world today. Our personal lives, our societies and our political institutions are shaped by economic forces. Politics structures economic activity, while trade crosses international borders. Both politics and economics raise a host of deeper philosophical issues – about fairness and freedom, power and knowledge, sustainability and progress.

PPE combines key areas of economics, analysis of political structures, and philosophical argument. The degree offers lots of flexibility to focus on topics that interest you – for example, political ideas, comparative politics, or the relation between states and markets.

Lancaster University's Department of Politics, Philosophy, and Religion is an ideal home for your studies. Many of our academics research at the intersection of politics and philosophy, and in political economy too. You will also benefit from the wide expertise in Lancaster’s large Economics Department, based in the University’s highly ranked Management School.

The PPE degree supports many career ambitions. Philosophy develops your capacity to analyse ideas, arguments, and worldviews. Political understanding is important in business, management, and policy contexts. Economic understanding develops quantitative skills valued by many employers – for example, in finance, business, and public policy. Our graduates have gone on to successful careers in the Civil and Diplomatic Services, international development, journalism and the media, banking and commerce.

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