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Undergraduate Philosophy Degrees

Philosophy is the careful, critical, and reasoned engagement with fundamental questions of human existence. Philosophy addresses questions that human beings have always asked, though they may not have final answers. It asks about the limits of human knowledge, the nature of existence, values and morality.

Intrigued by fundamental questions such as the nature of right and wrong? Truth and knowledge? Faith and reason? Keen to learn how philosophers from both Western and non-Western traditions have discussed these topics? Philosophical ideas can help us understand and respond to contemporary practical issues, as well as timeless problems of human existence.

A rich and varied programme

At Lancaster, we offer a diverse and flexible curriculum. You’ll study famous thinkers from the Western tradition of philosophy, such as Plato, Kant, Descartes and Nietzsche. You can also learn from our experts in non-Western philosophy with their insights into Indian, Chinese and Islamic traditions.

You may wish to specialise in the more practical side of philosophy, exploring moral and political questions such as obligations to future generations or the basis of ethics. Or you may opt to focus more on the more theoretical side, exploring logic or the relationship between mind and body. You’ll discover connections between abstract and more practical ideas – for example, how the nature of knowledge connects with scientific enquiry, communication and even conspiracy theories.

Putting your studies into practice

You can apply for one of the internships offered every year by the Richardson Institute for Peace Studies, based in our department. These are research projects in external organisations such as NGOs, think tanks, charities and faith-based organisations. We also offer placement opportunities in a range of organisations, from roles in arts and heritage organisations, to media and marketing agencies.

The University runs short, overseas trips to give you the chance to experience a different culture. In the past these have included Malaysia, India, Ghana, China and the US, visiting the J.F.K Presidential library, the United Nations and the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

Philosophy courses

Philosophy combines well with other academic disciplines. As well as our Philosophy degree, we offer a wide range of joint degrees combining Philosophy with other disciplines – see the list of Joint Honours degrees below.

Philosophy courses

We also offer several joint degrees combining Philosophy with other disciplines. Click view more courses for the complete list.

Philosophy Single Honours Accordion

Philosophy Joint Honours Accordion

Philosophy at Lancaster University

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