Young Graduates Use YouTube Videos to Boost Local Economy

Josh and Percy (Popber)
Josh and Percy, Popber

2021 graduates Nok Hei Lee (Percy) - Philosophy Politics and Economics, Pendle and Wing Yan Leung (Josh), Management and Organisational Behaviour, Cartmel, have been recognised for their impact on the Lancaster local business economy by creating YouTube videos. They have recently received the Young Persons of the Year award from Lancaster BID (Business Improvement District).

“In the last three years, we have lived in Lancaster and started to fall in love with this wonderful city and community. During the pandemic, we searched Lancaster on the internet, where we found much information about Lancaster University, but not so much about the town, so we started doing videos for different local shops and shared them on YouTube to let people know more about the city and promote businesses.

Our aim is to help the city to develop in positive ways and grow the local economy. We understand it is a tough mission, so we need everyone’s support to make it happen. Lancaster is a city we all love. For example, we are currently making interview videos for local businesses and organisations in Lancaster for free and organising different events in the city. We have made videos for over 100 local businesses in Lancaster since June 2020. Many shop owners gave us very positive feedback and have been very appreciative. It motivated us to move forward to help the community.

The ‘Young Persons of the Year’ award from BID proved that we were doing it right and that people were grateful for the support. It also motivated us to keep going to serve the community in Lancaster and to try our best to make improvements in the city. Thank you to everyone who nominated and supported us.

Tony Johnson, BID Manager said, on making the award to Josh and Percy, “Their dedication, time and effort making films of the City of Lancaster and trying to put it on the map is outstanding.”

Between January and February 2022, the graduates are going to deliver the Chinese New Year Festival to the Lancaster Community where there will be lanterns, lion and dragon dances, Chinese Culture related performances, stalls and more events in Lancaster city centre. The graduates will stay in Lancaster and keep on helping the community for the next five years and the videos and festivals will be the first two projects!

You can follow their progress on Facebook and Instagram!

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