Professor Christopher May



Future and on-going research

After fifteen years of researching into intellectual property rights I decided in 2010 to refocus my research. While still interested in the law and the normative role of legislation and its justification, my ongoing research now is concerned with the discourse of the Rule of Law and its function as the 'common-sense' of global politics. My monograph on the rule of law was published in 2014, and The Handbook on the Rule of Law (also Edward Elgar), edited with my late PhD student Adam Winchester, was published in 2018.

I also have an ongoing interest in the political economy of global corporations; my most recent outputs on this theme are Global Corporations in Global Governance (Routledge Global Institutions series) and articles in Palgrave Communications and Third World Quartely (see publicatons list). I am currently preparing a Research Agenda on Corporations (to be published by Elgar in 2020).

A future research project will bring my interest in art history together with my work as a political economist to examine the studio work relations (and the manner in which they have been presented) of painters since the Renaissance.