Dr Garrath Williams

Senior Lecturer

Research Overview

My research interests fall across ethics, political theory and applied ethics. One of my main interests, in all three of these areas, is in the many facets of the concept of responsibility. In ethics, I also work on Kant, including a current AHRC-funded project. In political theory, I have a special interest in Hannah Arendt. In applied ethics, I have been involved in collaborative research on children, health and public policy, including the EU-funded projects IDEFICS and I.Family which investigated diet and health-related behaviours in a large cohort of families across Europe. I have also worked on ethical issues in collaborative design of public services and on ethical issues in biomedical research.

Selected Publications

Beyond (Non)-Instrumentalization: Migration and Dignity within a Kantian Framework
Mieth, C., Williams, G. 30/04/2023 In: Ethical Theory and Moral Practice. 26, 2, p. 209-224. 16 p.
Journal article

Kant's account of reason
Williams, G.D. 4/01/2023 In: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The Metaphysics Research Lab, Center for the Study of Language and Information, Stanford University
Entry for encyclopedia/dictionary

Poverty, dignity, and the kingdom of ends
Mieth, C., Williams, G. 31/12/2021 In: Human Dignity and the Kingdom of Ends. New York : Routledge p. 206-223. 18 p.
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

What is Fundamental in Criminal Law?
Williams, G. 6/12/2022 In: Criminal Justice Ethics. 41, 3, p. 278-290. 13 p.
Journal article

The Social Creation of Morality and Complicity in Collective Harms: A Kantian Account
Williams, G.D. 1/07/2019 In: Journal of Applied Philosophy. 36, 3, p. 457-470. 14 p.
Journal article

Regulation Enables: Corporate Agency and Practices of Responsibility
Williams, G.D. 02/2019 In: Journal of Business Ethics. 154, 4, p. 989-1002. 14 p.
Journal article

The IDEFICS intervention: what can we learn for public policy?
Williams, G.D. 27/12/2015 In: Obesity Reviews. 16, Suppl. 2, p. 151-161. 11 p.
Journal article

Disclosure and responsibility in Arendt’s The Human Condition
Williams, G. 01/2015 In: European Journal of Political Theory. 14, 1, p. 37-54. 18 p.
Journal article

Childhood obesity: ethical and policy issues
Voigt, K., Nicholls, S., Williams, G. 25/04/2014 New York : Oxford University Press. 251 p. ISBN: 9780199964482 .

Sharing responsibility and holding responsible
Williams, G. 11/2013 In: Journal of Applied Philosophy. 30, 4, p. 351-364. 14 p.
Journal article

Responsibility as a Virtue.
Williams, G. 08/2008 In: Ethical Theory and Moral Practice. 11, 4, p. 455-470. 16 p.
Journal article

Dangerous victims: on some political dangers of vicarious claims to victimhood
Williams, G. 2008 In: Distinktion - Scandinavian Journal of Social Theory. 9, 2, p. 77-95. 19 p.
Journal article

Hannah Arendt: Critical Assessments of Leading Political Philosophers.
Williams, G.(., Williams, G. 2006 London : Routledge. 1664 p. ISBN: 0415343305.

"Infrastructures of responsibility": the moral tasks of institutions
Williams, G. 05/2006 In: Journal of Applied Philosophy. 23, 2, p. 207-221. 15 p.
Journal article

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