Dr Hane Maung

Honorary Researcher


I am a philosopher at Lancaster University. My research predominantly focuses on philosophical issues in medicine and psychiatry. I am also more broadly interested in philosophy of mind and philosophy of science.

Before my academic career in philosophy, I studied medicine and trained as a psychiatrist. My main clinical interest is in gender affirmative healthcare. I currently hold a clinical position at GenderGP, which is a clinic that provides healthcare and support to people considering or undergoing gender transition.

My philosophical approach can loosely be described as socially engaged philosophy of medicine. As my professional activity is currently divided between the academy and the clinic, I am interested in how philosophical theory can inform healthcare practice and how healthcare practice can inform philosophical theory. Beyond this specific project, I have published on a wide range of other philosophical topics, including explanatory pluralism in psychiatry, developmental systems theory in biology, dualism about consciousness, and the ethics of reproductive donation.

I have a PhD in philosophy from Lancaster University, as well as an MPhil in philosophy and ethics of mental health from the University of Pretoria. Before this, I graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MB BChir in medicine and a BA (Hons) in history and philosophy of science. I hold an MRCPsych from the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Outside work and academia, I enjoy making and obsessing about music. I have an AMusTCL in music theory and a DipABRSM in piano performance.

Like many other millennials, I am terminally online. I am married to a writer named Shuna. We live in a spooky seventeenth century house in Lancaster with our three children and our snake Sweetcorn.