Dr Stacey Conchie

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Research Overview

My expertise is trust. I have conducted theoretical work answering the question ‘what is (the multidimensional nature of) trust?’ and applied work answering the questions ‘how is trust gained/lost?’ and ‘what are the consequences of trust?’ I have used both experimental and field methods and published qualitative and quantitative analyses. For example, I have examined how trust develops in dyads, including between leaders and followers, within online groups, and at an implicit, subconscious level. I have examined how trust relates to distrust, how it breaks down, and what steps may be effective in repairing it, and thus relationships. Finally, I have examined how trust relates to a range of behaviours including information seeking, voicing behaviours and risk-taking. Most of this work has been carried out in high-risk contexts, namely high-reliability organisations or security settings.

  • Cyber Security Research Centre (Psychology)
  • People, Work and Organisation
  • Security Lancaster
  • Security Lancaster (Academic Centre of Excellence)
  • Security Lancaster (Behavioural Science)
  • Social Processes