Mini Projects

Call for Applications

Security Lancaster provides seed funding for interesting inter-disciplinary collaborations, development of grant applications or engagement in impact generation activities.

The scheme is open to all members of Security Lancaster as well as those who wish to engage with Security Lancaster and become part of a community of 100 researchers across the University.

Applications are received on a rolling basis and considered monthly by Security Lancaster’s senior leadership team. You are strongly encouraged to informally discuss your application with Jennifer McCulloch who will put you in contact with a relevant senior member of the centre to advise on and help shape the application before submission.

Application Process

Applicants should complete the Mini Project form in order to apply for funding. Mini projects typically support costings up to £2000, though submitters may ask for more where a strong justification can be made. A strong preference will be given towards projects that are:

  • multi-disciplinary in nature, however, good single disciplinary ideas will be considered.
  • work with industry, government, or relevant nonprofit organisations,
  • provide an opportunity for members of Security Lancaster to work together who have not done so before.
  • Examples of applications can also include small priming research, outreach programmes, applications for ECR travel, attending conferences or running workshops.

Applications should be submitted to Jennifer McCulloch who will then pass them on to the centre director(s) for consideration. Normally a response will be given within 14 days of submission.

Your application should make it clear what the expected outcomes, in terms of research, education, publicity and income are expected as a result of this money. You will be asked to complete project assessment forms at the end of the project, at 6 months after completion and at 12 months from completion in order to assess whether your project's outcomes have been achieved and what factors influenced them. This information is important for us to secure future funding for these projects.