Dr Adrian Venable to give keynote speech at Cyber Security Summer School

3 May 2018 16:50
Cyber Security Summer School

This year’s Cyber Security Summer School will focus on maritime cyber security. With experts from maritime sector, marine technology industries and cyber security establishments, the Summer School will give an overview of the tools and communications used in shipping industry, discuss their vulnerabilities and also introduce new trends in autonomous shipping and its dangers and risks.

More details for the Summer School event can be found here:

Dr Adrian Venables, served in the Royal Navy for 24 years as a Communications, Warfare, and Intelligence officer and was responsible for the provision and security of a range of Information Systems worldwide, including the management of specialist teams deployed to operational theatres.

Since leaving the Service, he has published a series of journal articles and research papers on the cyber threat landscape and its use by state and non-state actors for espionage, sabotage, and subversion within the maritime environment. A Certified Information System Security Professional and Certified Information System Manager, he holds seven computing and cyber security based degrees and is a Chartered Information Technology Professional Fellow of the British Computing Society, Chartered Engineer Member of the Institution of Engineering Technology and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

More about the Defence Cyber School can be found here:

Cyber Security Summer School 2018

Registration form is HERE. REGISTRATION IS OPEN UNTIL 15th of MAY. 

Venue: Estonian Maritime Academy, Tallinn

Other speakers include

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