Dr Daniel Prince joins The CyberWire daily podcast to talk about Cyber Security Risk Management.

26 March 2018 14:56
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Dr Daniel Prince, Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security and Associate Director of Security Lancaster talks to CyberWire about Risk Management & Cyber Security

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26th March 2018 Podcast

In today's podcast we hear that Sixty Russian diplomats are now persona non grata in the US. It's the largest such retaliation so far for the Russian nerve agent attack in Salisbury, England. Fear of a Russian riposte against Western power grids remains high. Cambridge Analytica was raided over the weekend in the continuing Facebook data scandal. Facebook faces more difficulties over Android data collection. Notes on malware circulating in the wild. Iran objects to US indictments. Dr Daniel Prince from Lancaster University discusses risk management. And finally, the alleged Carbanak "mastermind" is arrested in Spain.

You can hear Daniels segment about Risk Management HERE, or listen to the entire podcast HERE.

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