Dr Daniel Prince joins The CyberWire daily podcast to talk on "Cascading Failure in Complex Systems"

26 June 2018 10:00
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Dr Daniel Prince, Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security and Associate Director of Security Lancaster talks to CyberWire on “Cascading Failure in Complex Systems"

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26th June 2018 Podcast

“In today's podcast, we hear warnings of Russian cyber operations from Romania and the UK. Recent attempts at developing international rules of conduct (and conflict) in cyberspace. Bronze Butler's naughty USB drives—not as scary as they sound, but a useful reminder of some sound precautions. FireEye says it never hacked back. Smart batteries may be too smart for their users' good. A new venture fund lends credibility to cryptocurrency and blockchain startups. Overwatch hacker gets jail time in Inchon"

You can hear Daniels segment HERE, or listen to the entire podcast HERE.

You can also learn more at thecyberwire.com.

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