Dr Daniel Prince talks at Cyber Security conference for Asset Management

1 May 2018 09:57
Asset Management

Dr Daniel Prince, Security Lancaster, attends The Investment Association's Cyber Security Conference for Asset Management today to talk about Preparing to tackle new Cyber Threats.

The IA “Cyber Security Conference for Asset Management" will bring together influential and highly experienced cyber security experts and several Chief Information Security Officers to discuss the key challenges and threats that the UK’s asset management industry currently faces. Cyber security is becoming an increasingly prominent issue within the asset management industry. As the level of interconnectedness amongst asset managers and other financial institutions grows exponentially, our sector is now prioritising cyber defence, mitigation and resilience as a key component of corporate policy, so as to ensure protection against internal and external threats.

The Investment Association’s Cyber Security Conference will bring together key experts from law enforcement and government agencies with industry practitioners to provide insights that will help firms create a framework to identify key digital assets, advance their cyber risk threat assessments and risk management programmes, and bring about a corporate culture that embraces cyber security at its heart.

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