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The Security Institute runs a variety of seminars. These include (a) the keynote SL Institute Seminars (SL-IS), (b) the research-focused SL Research Seminars (SL-RS), (c) dedicated SL-relevant offerings by the individual SL research areas e.g, Societal Threats via Politics, Philosophy and Religion, System Security via Systems and Security Group etc, (d) by our sister institutes Data Science Institute, Institute for Social Futures, Materials Science and (e) combinations of all above

All SL seminars take place 'Wed 2-3pm' UK time unless otherwise indicated

Date / LinkSpeaker / TitleSL Area (Host)
Wed 29.11 2pm-3pm | In Person LUMS B108 | Teams Dr Lucas Cordeiro (University of Manchester) - (host Dr Antonios Gouglidis) SPS
Wed 06.12 2pm-3pm | In Person Infolab C60 b/c | Teams Professor Stephen Reicher (University of St Andrews) - (host Professor Mark Levine) Distributed Systems
Wed 24.01.24 2pm-3pm | In Person Infolab C60 b/c | Teams Professor John Innes and Professor Simon Cook - more details about Highlight Seminar with Professor Simon Cook and Professor John Innes SPS

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