The Hipster Research Project

Empowering small to medium enterprises to tackle security and privacy challenges in software development

A digital padlock with a fingerprint and a heart beat monitor

The Hipster Research Project

The Hipster Project empowers small to medium enterprises in tackling complex security and privacy challenges. Get free support for your health device software development or join us for insightful discussions. If you're working in development, security, or product management for connected device software, contact us for free support to help your teams improve.

Security and Privacy problems are often complex and tricky to identify. The Hipster project (Health IoT Privacy and Security Transferred to Engineering Requirements) explores how software development teams and product managers can work together to identify such problems, and to use industry-wide knowledge to decide which problems to address and how best to address them.

We deliver workshops and training days to help teams make more effective decisions about security. We invite you to get in touch about our upcoming dates and events.

Introduction to Hipster

This video introduces the project and explores the motivation and how our workshops can help.


Take a look at some of our Hipster Activities over the last 18 months

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