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Our research is solution driven for business growth. Our award-winning Partnerships and Business Engagement Team will connect you quickly to the people who have the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your business goals.

Over 700 staff and 600 research students

We produce 70% of research at Lancaster University

Our specialist team can identify expertise, resources and potential funding

Research Expertise

Our research is rated world leading according to the Research Excellence Framework, which assesses the quality and impact of research by UK universities. Our research focuses on three areas of expertise, each with a dedicated business partnerships team to help you tap into our diverse skills set. 

Our Research Centres and Institutes

We also host a number of research centres that work with the University to further scientific knowledge and translate it into applicable solutions for the economy and environment:

Our Partners

We pride ourselves on developing sustainable relationships with industry. In particular, we have been recognised by government and received national awards for our engagement with small and medium enterprises.

Our partnerships extend beyond business and include a diverse range of public and private sector organisations at regional, national and international level. These range from NHS Trusts and Police Forces to Local Authorities, UK and International Governments.

These partners include:

Case Study: Yordas Group

"Yordas would not have been formed without the strategic support provided by LEC and would not be sustainable without the resources made available through locating on the campus. There are tremendous benefits from locating at the university in terms of the quality of people which we are able to work with, enabling us to utilise the specialist knowledge that the university can provide."
Jonathan Lutwyche, CEO of Yordas Group

Other Services

Whether you want to develop a new product, compete in a new market, enhance your organisation's performance, tap into our diverse skill-set, or work alongside us in world-leading facilities, we have the expertise and resources you need.

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