First Systems Security Symposium

4 PhD students standing in front of a projector titled 'Lancaster Symposium on Systems Security
Systems Security Symposium

On the 30th of September, the Systems Security Group (SSG) held the first Annual Lancaster Symposium on Systems Security (LS3) organised by PhD students (Alexander Staves, Ovini Gunasekera, Xavier Hickman, and Sam Maesschalck) in the School of Computing and Communications.

During the event PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers in the group presented on a wide range of topics, from moving target defence in Cloud systems, to the impact of ambiguity in drones in conflicts on international relationships, threat modelling, and a wide range of other topics on security. There were also a number of highly interesting guest talks from the UK Government, Cisco and Capula.

The event provided a space for PhD students to disseminate their work to their peers and provided opportunity to develop new ideas and collaborations. PhD student Anna Dyson, and winner of the best presentation award, exemplified this when she said during her talk that she had identified interesting concepts presented by a previous talk which she needed to investigate further.

This year, the event was highly focused, and due to its success, we look forward to running and broadening the scope of LS3 next year.

For those unable to attend the event, the proceedings contains a summary of the talks presented.

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