Dr Antonios Gouglidis

Senior Lecturer

Research Overview

Antonio's research aims at the integration between theoretical and applied security towards designing secure systems and protecting them. He has a background in theoretical informatics and experience working in the industry. This combination is prerequisite good basis for conducting notable research, while proposing practical solutions. Although he has an interest in several aspects of security, he is currently conducting research in the areas of access control models, policies and systems, Cloud security, Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), and formal verification (model checking).

Lancaster Intelligent, Robotic and Autonomous Systems Centre, LIRA - Security and Defence, Security Lancaster (Secure Machine Learning and Intelligence)

Security Lancaster (Distributed Systems), Security Lancaster (Software Security)

SCC (Security), Security Lancaster (Secure Machine Learning and Intelligence)

  • Cyber Security Research Centre (Security Group)
  • SCC (Security)
  • Security Lancaster (Academic Centre of Excellence)
  • Security Lancaster (Distributed Systems)
  • Security Lancaster (Software Security)
  • Security Lancaster (Systems Security)