Hipster project

The Hipster Research Project

The Hipster Research Project

Smart devices offer huge possibilities to improve our health and quality of life. Internet-connected gadgets can help the elderly to live independently, automate complex medical treatments, encourage a healthy lifestyle and much else. Yet with these opportunities comes responsibility and even danger. How are the creators of these systems to ensure that users and operators will not be hurt by unintentional weaknesses or problems in the software that controls them?

Security, Privacy and Safeguarding (SPS) problems are often complex and tricky to identify; yet many of the teams creating these devices and systems belong to small to medium enterprises, without the ability to employ expensive software security experts and systems.

The Hipster project (Health IoT Privacy and Security Transferred to Engineering Requirements) explores how software development teams and product managers can work together to identify such problems, and to use industry-wide knowledge to decide which problems to address and how best to address them.

Can we help you? If you’re working in development, security or product management for health device software, contact us for free support to help your teams improve. If you’re researching or supporting others in the area, please get in touch; we’d love to discuss this more.

Introduction to Hipster

In this presentation at the PETRAS Securing the Future event in November 2021, Charles Weir introduces the project, and explores what makes it an exciting piece of research.

Research Participants

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Research Team

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Daniel Prince

Dr Daniel Prince

Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security

Cyber Security Research Centre (Security Group), Cyber Threat Lab, i-DID , SCC (Security), Security Lancaster, Security Lancaster (Academic Centre of Excellence), Security Lancaster (Systems Security)

Charles Weir

Dr Charles Weir

Research Fellow and Lecturer

Security Lancaster, Security Lancaster (Software Security), Security Lancaster (Systems Security)

+44 (0)7876 027350 B55, B - Floor, InfoLab21
Anna Dyson

Anna Dyson

Research Associate, PhD student

SCC (Security), Security Lancaster, Security Lancaster (Societal Threats)