Bowland College

"Bowland is all about the students. Everyone helps everybody else out, everyone knows everyone else. I really can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that we are the best college."

Bowland is the Founding College at Lancaster, we are centrally placed in the university, and we aim to lead developments in college life and to be at the centre of university activity. We seek to develop college identity and pride in Bowland with our students and staff by pursuing excellence in everything we do. We have a warm and friendly community, foster a spirit of regard for others, and aim to ensure that everyone can access all of the opportunities the university has to offer.

Right at the heart of the university campus, on the north side of Alexandra Square, we are close to the major academic support facilities and the arts, humanities, law, social sciences, chemistry and physics departments.

College facilities include a dedicated off-campus students’ room, integrated junior common room and games area, and the Trough of Bowland, the oldest bar on campus.