This Centre builds on a rich tradition of studying the relationship between technological futures, management practices and organisational dynamics. Our research focuses on interdisciplinary research in three related areas.

Our Mission

The principal aim of the Centre for Technological Futures (CTF) is to provide a focus for interdisciplinary research in:

  • Technologically mediated futures, with particular reference to contemporary trends and developments in work, management, business and society;
  • Designing and managing futures through technologies;
  • Organising technological futures at work.

Our Centre Members

We're one of the largest groups of our kind in the UK, home to over many internationally recognised academics from departments from across Lancaster University. Together, we have a strong social science foundation - members of the Centre draw upon a variety of perspectives.

Our Research 

Our innovative research can be located at the intersection between management studies, information systems, futures studies, science and technology studies, organisation studies and workplace studies. The Centre’s research is conducted in a diverse range of domains, including public sector, health care, non-governmental organisations, the environment, financial sector and engineering. Our research is interdisciplinary and is conducted across the world.


Current Research

Exploring whether IT systems that are part of our daily working lives are having a detrimental effect on our health.

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Contemporary debates regarding human cognitive and performance enhancement technologies.

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Researching the inclusion of senior citizens in digital public services through the development of user-friendly mobile applications.

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