Alasdair Knox

PhD student

Measurement of the single $π^0$ production rate in neutral current neutrino interactions on water
T2K Collaboration 2/02/2018 In: Physical Review D. 97, 3, 13 p.
Journal article

Measurement of $\barν_μ$ and $ν_μ$ charged current inclusive cross sections and their ratio with the T2K off-axis near detector
T2K Collaboration 1/09/2017 In: Physical Review D. 96, 5, 15 p.
Journal article

Updated T2K measurements of muon neutrino and antineutrino disappearance using 1.5 x10 21 protons on target
T2K Collaboration 31/07/2017 In: Physical Review D. 96, 1, 9 p.
Journal article

Search for Lorentz and CPT violation using sidereal time dependence of neutrino flavor transitions over a short baseline
T2K Collaboration 29/06/2017 In: Physical Review D.
Journal article

First combined analysis of neutrino and antineutrino oscillations at T2K
T2K Collaboration 14/04/2017 In: Physical Review Letters. 118, 15, 9 p.
Journal article

First measurement of the muon neutrino charged current single pion production cross section on water with the T2K near detector
T2K Collaboration 26/01/2017 In: Physical Review D. 95, 1
Journal article

Measurement of coherent $π^{+}$ production in low energy neutrino-Carbon scattering
T2K Collaboration 4/11/2016 In: Physical Review D. 117, 19, 7 p.
Journal article

Proposal for an Extended Run of T2K to $20\times10^{21}$ POT
T2K Collaboration 14/09/2016 In:
Journal article

Sensitivity of the T2K accelerator-based neutrino experiment with an Extended run to 20×1021 POT
T2K Collaboration 27/07/2016 In:
Journal article

Measurement of double-differential muon neutrino charged-current interactions on C8H8 without pions in the final state using the T2K off-axis beam
T2K Collaboration 21/06/2016 In: Physical Review D. 93, 11, 25 p.
Journal article

Measurement of muon antineutrino oscillations with an accelerator-produced off-axis beam
T2K Collaboration 5/05/2016 In: Physical Review Letters. 116, 18, 8 p.
Journal article

  • Experimental Particle Physics