Jakub Vonka

PhD student

Research Overview

I am currently setting up a new experiment to investigate a thin layer of solid 3He formed on the surface of aerogel at ultra low temperatures. On the contrary to superfluid 3He, the solid 3He is magnetically active and it's magnetic moment can be used for second demagnetization stage to reach temperatures below 100 microkelvin. At these temperatures superfluid 3He as well as solid 3He will be studied using NMR techniques.

Probing liquid 4He with quartz tuning forks using a novel multifrequency lock-in technique
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Journal article

Low conductive support for thermal insulation of a sample holder of a variable temperature scanning tunneling microscope
Hanzelka, P., Vonka, J., Musilova, V. 08/2013 In: Review of Scientific Instruments. 84, 8, 6 p.
Journal article

Thermal conductivity of a CuCrZr alloy from 5K to room temperatures
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Journal article