Jean Spiece

PhD student

Probing thermal transport and layering in disk media using scanning thermal microscopy
Poon, S.W., Spiece, J., Robson, A.J., Kolosov, O.V., Thompson, S. 15/08/2017 In: Magnetics Conference (INTERMAG), 2017 IEEE International. IEEE 2 p. ISBN: 9781538610879. Electronic ISBN: 9781538610862.
Conference contribution

Characterisation of local thermal properties in nanoscale structures by scanning thermal microscopy
Castanon, E., Evangeli, C., Spiece, J., Robinson, B.J., Gomes, S., Kazakova, O., Kolosov, O.V. 3/07/2017

Novel nanoscale method for thermal conductivity measurements
Kolosov, O.V., Spiece, J., Robson, A.J., Evangeli, C. 3/07/2017

Scanning Thermal Microscopy on 2D Materials at cryogenic temperatures
Evangeli, C., Spiece, J., Robson, A.J., Kay, N., Kolosov, O.V. 3/07/2017

Structural Characterisation of ALD coated Porous Si via Beam-Exit Cross-Sectional Polishing
Robson, A.J., Spiece, J., Evangeli, C., Ritasalo, R., Matvejeff, M., Grigoras, K., Prunnila, M., Kolosov, O.V. 3/07/2017

Probing Nanoscale Heat Transport in Liquid Environments—Contact and Non-Contact Immersion Scanning Thermal Microscopy (iSThM)
Kolosov, O.V., Spiece, J., Robinson, B.J. 18/04/2017

Quantitative Measurements of Intrinsic Thermal Conductivity of Surface and Buried Nanoscale Layers via Cross-Sectional Scanning Thermal Microscopy – X-SThM
Spiece, J., Evangeli, C., Robson, A.J., Robinson, B.J., Alzina, F., Kolosov, O.V. 1/03/2017

Nano-mapping of Surface and Subsurface Physical Properties of 2D materials
Kolosov, O.V., Kay, N., Spiece, J., Alsharif, G., Robinson, B.J., Dinelli, F. 25/06/2016

SThM of 2D materials: nanoscale interactions and multiple parameters
Spiece, J., Robinson, B.J., Kolosov, O.V. 05/2015

Scanning thermal microscopy and finite elements studies of 2D materials
Robinson, B., Spiece, J., Tovee, P., Kolosov, O. 2015