Dr Marcin Szyniszewski

Senior Research Associate

Research Overview

Analytical and numerical solutions for many-body quantum systems. Dynamics of systems out of equilibrium. Quantum phase transitions. Investigating the massless and massive Schwinger model using various approaches.

Diffusion quantum Monte Carlo study of excitonic complexes in two-dimensional transition-metal dichalcogenides
Mostaani, E., Szyniszewski, M., Price, C., Maezono, R., Hunt, R.J., Drummond, N.D., Fal'ko, V.I. 22/08/2017 In: Physical Review B. 96, 24 p.
Journal article

Binding energies of trions and biexcitons in two-dimensional semiconductors from diffusion quantum Monte Carlo calculations
Szyniszewski, M., Mostaani, E., Drummond, N.D., Falko, V. 15/02/2017 In: Physical Review B. 95, 5 p.
Journal article

Low-dimensional quantum systems
Szyniszewski, M. 2016 Lancaster University. 142 p.
Doctoral Thesis

In situ single walled carbon nanotube growth using a Q500 TGA
Szyniszewski, M., Oakland, C., Rooney, A., Verre, A.F., Worrall, S.D. 2015 TA Instruments Applications Library.
Other report

The generalized t-V model in one dimension
Szyniszewski, M., Burovski, E. 2015 In: Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 592, 1, 6 p.
Journal article

Lattice Hamiltonian approach to the Schwinger model: further results from the strong coupling expansion
Szyniszewski, M., Cichy, K., Kujawa-Cichy, A. 28/10/2014 In: LATTICE 2014. Prceedings of Science 7 p.

Generalised t-V model in one dimension
Szyniszewski, M. 9/06/2014

Lattice Hamiltonian approach to the massless Schwinger model: precise extraction of the mass gap
Cichy, K., Kujawa-Cichy, A., Szyniszewski, M. 07/2013 In: Computer Physics Communications. 184, 7, p. 1666-1672. 7 p.
Journal article

Simulating graphene impurities
Szyniszewski, M. 18/06/2013

Thermodynamics of localized magnetic moments in a Dirac conductor
Cheianov, V., Szyniszewski, M., Burovski, E., Sherkunov, Y., Falko, V. 16/08/2012 In: Physical Review B. 86, 5, p. -. 5 p.
Journal article