Narjes Kheirabadi

PhD student

Magnetic ratchet effect in bilayer graphene
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Journal article

Li-doped graphene for spintronic applications
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Journal article

Review on graphene spintronic, new land for discovery
Kheirabadi, N., Shafiekhani, A., Fathipour, M. 10/2014 In: Superlattices and Microstructures. 74, p. 123-145. 23 p.
Journal article

The ground state of graphene and graphene disordered by vacancies
Kheirabadi, N., Shafiekhani, A. 01/2013 In: Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures. 47, p. 309-315. 7 p.
Journal article

Graphene/Li-ion battery
Kheirabadi, N., Shafiekhani, A. 15/12/2012 In: Journal of Applied Physics. 112, 12, 5 p.
Journal article

Graphene basics and nano-scale simulation
Kheirabadi, N. 2011 Iran : Ameh. ISBN: 9786006242149.