Nasser Almutlaq

PhD student


Nasser Almutlaq was born and grew up in Arar City, Saudi Arabia. He studied Physics at Qassim University , branch of The King Saud University previously, Saudi Arabia, from 2003 to 2005. During 2006-2009, he studied at Western Illinois University (Macomb, IL) in The United States for his Master's degree. After earning his Master's degree, he had worked at the Northern Border University, a Saudi governmental institute in Arar City, for two years. Now, He joins the group of Professor Colin Lambert at Lancaster University to pursue his PhD degree.

Identification of a positive-Seebeck-coefficient exohedral fullerene
Almutlaq, N., Al-Galiby, Q., Bailey, S.W.D., Lambert, C.J. 28/07/2016 In: Nanoscale. 2016, 28, p. 13597-13602. 6 p.
Journal article