Nicholas Kay

PhD student

Mapping nanosecond time scale nanoelectromechanical phenomena in 2D Materials on nanometre length scale via ultrasonic and heterodyne force microscopies
Kolosov, O.V., Kay, N., Robinson, B.J., Novoselov, K.S., Dinelli, F. 3/07/2017

Scanning Thermal Microscopy on 2D Materials at cryogenic temperatures
Evangeli, C., Spiece, J., Robson, A.J., Kay, N., Kolosov, O.V. 3/07/2017

Probing Interfaces, Hidden Charges and ns Time-Scale Nanoelectromechanics of 2D Materials via Ultrasonic SPM
Kolosov, O.V., Kay, N., Novoselov, K.S., Robinson, B.J., Dinelli, F. 1/03/2017

Subsurface imaging of two-dimensional materials at the nanoscale
Dinelli, F., Pingue, P., Kay, N., Kolosov, O.V. 24/01/2017 In: Nanotechnology. 28, 8 p.
Journal article

Nano-mapping of Surface and Subsurface Physical Properties of 2D materials
Kolosov, O.V., Kay, N., Spiece, J., Alsharif, G., Robinson, B.J., Dinelli, F. 25/06/2016

Nanomechanical and nanoelectromechanical phenomena in 2D-atomic crystals: a scanning probe microscopy approach
Kay, N. 2016 Lancaster University. 180 p.
Doctoral Thesis

Photoluminescence of two-dimensional GaTe and GaSe films
Del Pozo-Zamudio, O., Schwarz, S., Sich, M., Bayer, M., Schofield, R., A. Chekhovich, E., Robinson, B., Kay, N., Kolosov, O., Dmitriev, A., Lashkia, G.V., Borisenko, D., Kolesnikov, N., Tartakovskii, A.I. 30/07/2015 In: 2D Materials. 2, 3, 9 p.
Journal article

Structural, optical and electrostatic properties of single and fewlayers MoS2: effect of substrate
Robinson, B., Giusca, C., Gonzalez, Y., Kay, N., Kazakova, O., Kolosov, O. 20/02/2015 In: 2D Materials. 2, 1, 8 p.
Journal article

Exploring buried interfaces and nanoelectromechanical devices in 2D materials – effects of elastic anisotropy
Kolosov, O., Kay, N., Dinelli, F., Robinson, B., Falko, V., Pingue, P. 2015

Time-dependant electrostatic and electro-mechanical phenomena in Graphene NEMS
Kay, N., Robinson, B., Novoselov, K.S., Kolosov, O. 2015

Electromechanical sensing of substrate charge hidden under atomic 2D crystals
Kay, N., Robinson, B., Falko, V., Novoselov, K., Kolosov, O. 23/05/2014 In: Nano Letters. 14, 6, 5 p.

How Deep Ultrasonic and Heterodyne Force Microscopies Can Look at the Nanostructure of 2D Materials?
Kolosov, O., Kay, N., Dinelli, F., Pingue, P. 2014

Nanoscale interfacial interactions of graphene with polar and non-polar liquids
Robinson, B., Kay, N., Kolosov, O. 2014

Nanoscale interfacial interactions of graphene with polar and non-polar liquids
Robinson, B., Kay, N., Kolosov, O. 28/05/2013 In: Langmuir. 29, 25, p. 7735-7742. 8 p.
Journal article

Nanomechanics and interfacial properties of supported and suspended graphene layers
Robinson, B., Kay, N., Mazzocco, R., Kolosov, O. 2013

Ambient and underliquid nanomechanical properties of suspended and supported graphene at wide range of range of stiffnesses
Robinson, B., Kay, N., Rosamond, M.C., Zeze, D.A., Dinelli, F., Kolosov, O. 2012