Ofogh Tizno

Research Associate, PhD student

Radial tunnel diodes based on InP/InGaAs core-shell nanowires
Tizno, O., Ganjipour, B., Heurlin, M., Thelander, C., Borgström , M.T., Samuelson, L. 13/03/2017 In: Applied Physics Letters. 110, 11, 5 p.
Journal article

Electrical properties of GaSb/InAsSb core/shell nanowires
Ganjipour, B., Sepehri, S., Dey, A.W., Tizno, O., Borg, B.M., Dick, K.A., Samuelson, L., Wernersson, L., Thelander, C. 29/09/2014 In: Nanotechnology. 25, 42, 9 p.
Journal article

InP/InGaAs core/shell nanowire tunnel diodes for radial tunnel field effect transistor and multi-junction solar cell applications
Ganjipour, B., Tizno, O., Heurlin, M., Borgström , M.T., Thelander, C., Samuelson, L. 2014 In: Device Research Conference (DRC), 2014 72nd Annual. IEEE p. 123-124. 2 p.

Growth and magnetic property studies of Ni100-xCux alloy thin films, electrodeposited onto (111) n-type Si
Tizno, O., Nabiyouni, G. 2007

  • Quantum Nanotechnology