Roshan Krishna Kumar

PhD student

Scaling approach to tight-binding transport in realistic graphene devices: the case of transverse magnetic focusing
Beconcini, M., Valentini, S., Krishna Kumar, R., Auton, G.H., Geim, A.K., Ponomarenko, L.A., Polini, M., Taddei, F. 30/09/2016 In: Physical Review B. 94, 11, 11 p.
Journal article

Negative local resistance caused by viscous electron backflow in graphene
Bandurin, D.A., Torre, I., Kumar, R.K., Ben Shalom, M., Tomadin, A., Principi, A., Auton, G.H., Khestanova, E., Novoselov, K.S., Grigorieva, I.V., Ponomarenko, L.A., Geim, A.K., Polini, M. 4/03/2016 In: Science. 351, 6277, p. 1055-1058. 4 p.
Journal article