William Gibby

Research Associate, PhD student

Ionic Coulomb blockade and anomalous mole fraction effect in the NaChBac bacterial ion channel and its charge-varied mutants
Kaufman, I.K., Fedorenko, O., Luchinsky, D., Gibby, W., Roberts, S.K., McClintock, P.V.E., Eisenberg, R.S. 11/09/2017 In: EPJ Nonlinear Biomedical Physics. 5, 8 p.
Journal article

Relation between selectivity and conductivity in narrow ion channels
Luchinsky, D.G., Gibby, W.A., Kaufman, I.K., McClintock, P.V., Timucin, D.A. 19/07/2017 In: 2017 International Conference on Noise and Fluctuations, ICNF 2017. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. 4 p. ISBN: 9781509027613. Electronic ISBN: 9781509027606.
Conference contribution

Kinetic model of selectivity and conductivity of the KcsA filter
Gibby, W.A.T., Luchinsky, D.G., Kaufman, I.K., Ward, A., McClintock, P.V.E. 11/04/2017 In: arxiv.org. 4 p.
Journal article

Effect of Local Binding on Stochastic Transport in Ion Channels
Kaufman, I.K., Gibby, W.A.T., Luchinsky, D.G., McClintock, P.V.E. 4/04/2017 In: arXiv.
Journal article

On Resolution of the Selectivity/Conductivity Paradox for the Potassium Ion Channel
Luchinsky, D.G., Gibby, W.A.T., Kaufman, I.K., Timucin, D.A., McClintock, P.V. 3/02/2017
Meeting abstract

Ionic Coulomb blockade and anomalous mole fraction effect in NaChBac bacterial ion channels
Kaufman, I.K., Fedorenko, O.A., Luchinsky, D.G., Gibby, W.A.T., Roberts, S., McClintock, P.V.E., Eisenberg, R.S. 8/12/2016 In: arXiv.
Journal article

Putative resolution of the EEEE selectivity paradox in L-type Ca2+ and bacterial Na+ biological ion channels
Kaufman, I.K., Luchinsky, D.G., Gibby, W.A.T., McClintock, P.V.E., Eisenberg, R.S. 20/05/2016 In: Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment. 2016, 10 p.
Journal article

Statistical theory of selectivity and conductivity in biological channels
Luchinsky, D.G., Gibby, W.A.T., Kaufman, I., Timucin, D.A., McClintock, P.V.E. 19/04/2016 In: arxiv.org.
Journal article

Insights into ion channel selectivity with ionic Coulomb Blockade
Gibby, W., Luchinsky, D., Kaufman, I.K., McClintock, P.V.E., Stefanovska, A., Eisenberg, R.S. 16/02/2016
Meeting abstract

Coulomb blockade oscillations in biological ion channels
Kaufman, I.K., Gibby, W., Luchinsky, D., McClintock, P.V.E., Eisenberg, R.S. 2/06/2015 In: Noise and Fluctuations (ICNF), 2015 International Conference on. IEEE 4 p.