Staff Development Funding

Funding is available for individuals or group based activities such as training and development, consultancy, development meetings and consultancy.

Applications must be made at least four weeks in advance to allow sufficient time for necessary administration. On the occasions where circumstances do not permit this, advice should be sought from the Faculty’s Human Resource Officer. 

Funding estimates should be as accurate as possible. Additional funding will not be available if actual costs exceed the estimates.

Recipients of the staff development award should complete a report form within four weeks of ending the activity. Failure to do so without good reason will result in the withdrawal of funds.

Individual applications

Your application should make a case for funding and demonstrate how the activity contributes to work needs or career progression. A contribution of up to 50% of the costs of a certified course and up to 70% of a non-certified course may be available, within the limits of the staff development fund.

Your application may include funding for course and examination fees, travel to a college or other training site (at second class public transport rates) or for some expenses related to other forms of development such as mentoring or work shadowing.

Please note, funding is not available for the following:

  • Purchase of course books (unless the course in question is conducted through distance learning)
  • Subsistence and accommodation
  • Attendance at professional conferences where this is a normal part of your work
  • Higher degrees which are not directly work-related
  • External courses or activities where a similar provision can be made within the institution

Where a course is to take place over more than one year, estimates for each year of the course should be given. It is accepted that fees for future years may change. Adjustments to the funding can be made where this is the case.

At the end of the activity, reimbursement for the full amount granted in each year will be made from the staff development fund on submission of a claim accompanied by evidence of payment.   

If you are uncertain about the eligibility of your application please contact the Human Resource Officer for help and advice.

Group applications

Where a group is considering a series of events, an application should be made for the whole programme, even if estimates have to be very approximate.

Given that funds are limited, departments are asked to consider carefully the costs and value for money when selecting venues, consultants, facilitators and other services. Human Resources can provide details of venues in the area, and will also be able to advise about consultants and trainers and may be able to provide facilitation free of charge. You are strongly advised to discuss arrangements at an early stage with the Human Resource Officer.

Disbursements for activities should be made in the first instance through the department. Reimbursement from the staff development fund will be made for the full amount granted, on submission of a claim accompanied by receipts.