Staff Development Funding

Staff Development Funding is available to support applications from all Professional, Technical and Research staff in FST for developmental activities, including attendance at courses and conferences, and can also be used to support cross-faculty developmental events.


Your application should make a case for funding and demonstrate how the activity you wish to attend contributes to your work needs or career progression. A contribution of up to 50% of the cost of an activity may be available, within the limits of the fund (we would expect your department to make an equal contribution to the cost of the activity).

The cost of examination fees, travel (at second-class public transport rates), or expenses related to other forms of development such as mentoring or work shadowing can be included as part of the application.

Please note funding is not available for the following:

  • Purchase of course books (unless the course in question is conducted through distance learning)
  • Subsistence and accommodation
  • Attendance at professional conferences where this is a normal part of your work
  • Higher degrees which are not directly work-related
  • External courses or activities where a similar provision can be made within the institution
  • Departmental away days

Where a course is to take place over more than one year, estimates for each year of the course should be given. It is accepted that fees for future years may change. Adjustments to the funding can be made where this is the case.

At the end of the activity, reimbursement for the full amount granted in each year will be made from the staff development fund on submission of a claim accompanied by evidence of payment.

Follow-up report

A condition of funding is that you submit a brief report within one month of the ending of the activity undertaken. The three areas you will be required to report on are:

  • How did this activity contribute to your continuing professional development?
  • How did this activity contribute to the achievement of the Department, School and/or institutional aims and objectives?
  • How do you plan to disseminate learning from this activity?

Links to forms and advice

Once you have the approval of your Line Manager to undertake the development planned, please complete the application linked below. Within one month of ending the activity, please complete the online report, also linked below.

If you are uncertain about the eligibility of your application or have any other questions, please contact the Faculty Resources (Staff) Office at for more information and advice.