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Whether you want to develop a new product, compete in a new market, or access world-leading facilities, Lancaster University has the expertise and resources you need. As over 3,000 businesses have already discovered, partnering with us is a cost-effective, time-efficient way of tapping into a diverse skill-set and achieving success.

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Take a virtual tour and have look inside. Click below to view our 360-degree films. You can also visit our co-location pages to find out more about office space in:

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Benefits of Working With Us

  • Work with our award-winning Partnerships and Business Engagement Team to realise your ambitions for growth
  • Access 12,000 students, 3,000 staff and 130,000 alumni in 183 countries
  • Gain a trusted partner with a track record of successful multidisciplinary global industry collaboration
  • Access solution driven research for business growth
  • Gain resources and time to develop innovative new products, processes and services for the global marketplace
  • Access extensive, fully-equipped research and development workshops and laboratories worth over £45m
  • Break barriers to innovation and explore global opportunities

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If you have an idea or challenge you want to talk through or need us to help scope the project for, or want to find out more about our other funded activities, please contact:

Sarah Mills
Operations Manager 

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Over 3,000 successful partnerships

Top 10

Ranked top 10 for interactions with SMEs by government


Over £18m worth of activity with businesses

Research Expertise

Our research is rated world leading according to the Research Excellence Framework, which assesses the quality and impact of research by UK universities. Our Partnerships and Business Engagement Team focuses on three areas of expertise to help organisations tap into our diverse skills set.

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Case Study: Demopad

“Our relationship with Lancaster University has been nothing short of transformational. It has given us the opportunity to have a virtually unlimited extension of our research and development resource.”
Mike Cain, Demopad

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