Research Training

The successful completion of a PhD means learning new skills and successfully overcoming hurdles that will sometimes slow your progress.

The Graduate School research training programme is designed to support this journey towards the completion of your thesis.

We offer courses and training sessions that will enable you to get the best out of your PhD and provide you with extra skills that you will need in the future. We offer courses in a flexible way, so even if you have a lot of lab commitments you should still have time to attend courses.

Our research training is offered in line with the University’s Postgraduate Research Code of Practice and Vitae’s Researcher Development Statement. Our research training activities are organised around the Researcher Development Framework (RDF) to make sure we meet the needs of Research Councils in the UK, as well as the needs of the wider society. We hope that as individuals you will also engage with the RDF as it articulates the knowledge, behaviours and attributes of researchers and encourages everyone to aspire to excellence through achieving higher levels of development.

These training sessions are not compulsory, but it is highly recommended that you attend some training sessions during your PhD.

Research Training offered by the Faculty is organised under the themes of Being with Your PhD and Working with Your PhD. These themes encourage you to think closely about overcoming the challenges that you will face in completing your thesis and provide you with the necessary technical skills required to pull your research together. Our training sessions include an International Students’ Writing Group, Project Management sessions, statistical training and coaching sessions designed with the needs of PhD students in mind.

We also encourage you to take advantage of research training offered by your department and activities organised in other areas of the University. For example, the Library offers extensive Information for Researchers which is open to all research students.


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