Dr Alessandro Romito

Lecturer in Condensed Matter Theory

Research Overview

My research is in condensed matter physics. I am particularly interested in quantum many-body effects and their implications for quantum information processing. This includes effects of weak quantum measurements on control and dynamics of electronic and superconducting nano-scale systems, as well as topological phases of matter and their use in fault-tolerant quantum information processing.

Ubiquitous Nonlocal Entanglement with Majorana Zero Modes
Romito, A., Gefen, Y. 13/10/2017 In: Physical Review Letters. 119, 157702
Journal article

Effect of interactions on quantum-limited detectors
Skorobagatko, G., Bruch, A., Kusminskiy, S.V., Romito, A. 1/05/2017 In: Physical Review B. 95, 11 p.
Journal article

How to extract weak values from a mesoscopic electronic system
Esin, I., Romito, A., Gefen, Y. 09/2016 In: Quantum Studies: Mathematics and Foundations. 3, 3, p. 265-277. 13 p.
Journal article

Weak values are quantum: you can bet on it
Romito, A., Jordan, A.N., Aharonov, Y., Gefen, Y. 04/2016 In: Quantum Studies: Mathematics and Foundations. 3, 1, p. 1-4. 4 p.
Journal article

Transport signatures of interacting fermions in quasi-one-dimensional topological superconductors
Meidan, D., Romito, A., Brouwer, P.W. 29/03/2016 In: Physical Review B. 93, 12, 11 p.
Journal article

Many-body manifestation of interaction-free measurement: the Elitzur-Vaidman bomb
Zilberberg, O., Romito, A., Gefen, Y. 15/03/2016 In: Physical Review B. 93, 11, 7 p.
Journal article

Thermodynamics of weakly measured quantum systems
Alonso, J.J., Lutz, E., Romito, A. 26/02/2016 In: Physical Review Letters. 116, 8, 6 p.
Journal article

Crossover between strong and weak measurement in interacting many-body systems
Esin, I., Romito, A., Blanter, Y.M., Gefen, Y. 8/01/2016 In: New Journal of Physics. 18, 1, 15 p.
Journal article

Measuring cotunneling in its wake
Zilberberg, O., Carmi, A., Romito, A. 11/11/2014 In: Physical Review B. 90, 20, 13 p.
Journal article

On-demand maximally entangled states with a parity meter and continuous feedback
Rheda, C.M.z., Haack, G., Romito, A. 21/10/2014 In: Physical Review B. 90, 15, 8 p.
Journal article

Weak measurement of cotunneling time
Romito, A., Gefen, Y. 14/08/2014 In: Physical Review B. 90, 8, 11 p.
Journal article

A scattering matrix formulation of the topological index of interacting fermions in one-dimensional superconductors
Meidan, D., Romito, A., Brouwer, P.W. 1/08/2014 In: Physical Review Letters. 113, 5, 5 p.
Journal article