Professor Andrew Kennedy

Chair in Advanced Manufacturing


Andrew Kennedy joined the Department of Engineering at Lancaster in September 2017. A graduate of Imperial College and Cambridge University, prior to coming to Lancaster he was an academic in the Faculty of Engineering at Nottingham University, for 23 years. At Nottingham he was Deputy Head of the Advanced Materials Research Group and an active researcher in the Rolls Royce University Technology Centres in Manufacturing Technology and in Gas Turbines and Transmissions.

The main theme of his research is the development of novel manufacturing methods for materials. This activity is underpinned by process development, material characterisation and property measurement, supported in many aspects by modelling. The typical focus for such projects might include material or cost reduction in manufacturing processes, material performance enhancement, or development of completely new approaches to manufacturing with new materials.

Within this area, much of the focus of his work has been on multi-phase materials such as metal matrix composites, metal foams and porous materials using liquid metal, powder processing, additive manufacturing and novel gel casting manufacturing methods. Research is directed towards products for lightweight and energy absorbing structures, novel batteries and energy storage systems, thermal and fluid flow management and medical devices.

As well as relocating a nationally important group in porous material research, his role at Lancaster is to develop cross disciplinary activities in digital and advanced manufacturing to create a centre of excellence. This involves bringing together expertise in artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning, data science and communications, sensors and electronics, operations management and of course manufacturing engineering and materials science. Manufacturing themes are predominantly, but not exclusively, aligned with the TWI-Lancaster Joining 4.0 Centre. He is an active member of both the Lancaster Materials Science Institute and Energy Lancaster.

He has led or been actively engaged in more than 50 research projects, varying in complexity from Ph.D. supervision (supervising more than 30 Ph.D. students to completion) to managing EU projects with more than 10 industrial and academic partners. Research has led to worldwide collaborations involving joint research, technology transfer and exchange of personnel. These include universities and research institutes in in Spain, Germany, Finland, Romania, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, China, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Chile, Australia and Canada. Further international collaborations are very much welcomed.

He has published more than 110 peer-reviewed journal papers, attracting more than 2100 citations with an h-index of 28, multiple book chapters and holds 2 patents. Key papers published since 2014 are listed below, for a fuller listing please follow the ORCID link above. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3), a Chartered Engineer, a regular consultant to UK industry, a UK technical expert adviser on metal foam testing standards and an external evaluator for research proposals in Greece, Spain, Romania and Chile.

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