Dr David Burton SFHEA

Senior Lecturer

Research Interests

I’m a theoretical physicist whose interests touch on applied mathematics and engineering. Research problems that lie at the intersections of different areas in science and technology greatly intrigue me. I’ve worked on many different topics throughout my career, most of which benefitted from my background in applied differential geometry and theoretical high-energy physics. My early efforts were in relativistic continuum mechanics and gravitational wave detection, and I later devoted my thoughts to gravitational Sagnac interferometry. I then returned to continuum mechanics for a while, working in collaboration with a software company (Orcina Ltd) on efficient modelling of the vortex-induced vibration of deep-sea marine risers. After that I became absorbed by laser and plasma physics, focussing on novel techniques for particle acceleration and non-linear phenomena that arise at the strongest electromagnetic field intensities. This work led to my current fascination with the opportunities that high-intensity lasers and laser-driven plasmas offer for exploring dark matter and fundamental questions in quantum physics.

Selected Publications Show all 56 publications

Axionic suppression of plasma wakefield acceleration
Burton, D., Noble, A., Walton, T. 26/08/2016 In: Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. 49, 16 p.
Journal article

Stern-Gerlach surfing in laser wakefield accelerators
Flood, S., Burton, D. 25/09/2015 In: Physics Letters A. 379, 36, p. 1966-1974. 9 p.
Journal article

Non-perturbative aspects of particle acceleration in non-linear electrodynamics
Burton, D., Flood, S., Wen, H. 17/04/2015 In: Journal of Mathematical Physics. 56, 11 p.
Journal article

On the entropy of radiation reaction
Burton, D., Noble, A. 7/03/2014 In: Physics Letters A. 378, 14-15, p. 1031-1035. 5 p.
Journal article

Aspects of electromagnetic radiation reaction in strong fields
Burton, D., Noble, A. 03/2014 In: Contemporary Physics. 55, 2, p. 110-121. 12 p.
Journal article

A kinetic model of radiating electrons
Noble, A., Gratus, J., Burton, D., Jaroszynski, D. 2013 In: Journal of Mathematical Physics. 54, 4, 8 p.
Journal article

Testing vacuum electrodynamics using "slow light" experiments
Flood, S.P., Burton, D.A. 2012 In: EPL. 100, 4 p.
Journal article

Born-Infeld axion-dilaton electrodynamics and electromagnetic confinement
Burton, D.A., Dereli, T., Tucker, R. 20/09/2011 In: Physics Letters B. 703, 4, p. 530-535. 6 p.
Journal article

A linear collision operator for relativistic plasmas.
Noble, A., Burton, D.A. 14/03/2011 In: Journal of Physics -London- a Mathematical and General. 44, 14, p. 145502.
Journal article

Wake potentials and impedances of charged beams in gradually tapering structures
Burton, D.A., Christie, D.C., Smith, J.D.A., Tucker, R.W. 4/03/2011 In: Journal of Mathematical Physics. 52, 3, p. 032902. 30 p.
Journal article

Exploring Born-Infeld electrodynamics using plasmas.
Burton, D.A., Trines, R.M.G.M., Walton, T., Wen, H. 10/02/2011 In: Journal of Physics -London- a Mathematical and General. 44, 9, 11 p.
Journal article

Longitudinal wave-breaking limits in a unified geometric model of relativistic warm plasmas
Burton, D.A., Noble, A. 19/02/2010 In: Journal of Physics -London- a Mathematical and General. 43, 7, 19 p.
Journal article

Spinning particles in scalar-tensor gravity
Burton, D.A., Tucker, R.W., Wang, C. 28/04/2008 In: Physics Letters A. 372, 18, p. 3141-3144. 4 p.
Journal article

Twisted electromagnetic modes and Sagnac ring lasers
Burton, D.A., Noble, A., Tucker, R.W., Wiltshire, D.L. 21/03/2005 In: Classical and Quantum Gravity. 22, 6, p. 909-931. 23 p.
Journal article

On the stability of stay cables under light wind and rain conditions
Burton, D.A., Cao, D., Wang, C., Tucker, R. 6/01/2005 In: Journal of Sound and Vibration. 279, 1-2, p. 89-117. 29 p.
Journal article