Dr Francesca Citron


Research Overview

I am a psycholinguist and neuroscientist. My research currently focuses on the comprehension of figurative language (metaphors, idioms) and its associated brain responses. Other research interests include processing of emotive stimuli, i.e., how emotional variables such as valence and arousal affect picture, face or word recognition, both at the behavioural and at the neural level. I also investigate topics related to language learning and second language processing.

For more information about my research interests, a full list of publications, and more research-related news, please see my personal web page.

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A neuroimaging investigation into figurative language and aesthetic perception
Citron, F.M.M., Zervos, E.A. 18/07/2018 In: Sensory Perceptions in Language, Embodiment and Epistemology. Springer ISBN: 9783319912769. Electronic ISBN: 9783319912776.

Lexical olfaction recruits olfactory orbitofrontal cortex in metaphorical and literal contexts
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Journal article

Review of "Interpreting figurative meaning" by Raymond W. Gibbs, Jr. and Hebert L. Colston
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Book/Film/Article review

Conventional metaphors in longer passages evoke affective brain response
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Journal article

When emotions are expressed figuratively: psycholinguistic and affective norms of 619 idioms for German (PANIG)
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Journal article

Approach and withdrawal tendencies during written word processing: effects of task, emotional valence and emotional arousal
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Journal article

The emotion potential of words and passages in reading Harry Potter: an fMRI study
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Journal article

ERP signs of categorical and supra-categorical processing of visual information
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Journal article

Arousal and emotional valence interact in written word recognition
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Journal article

Metaphorical sentences are more emotionally engaging than their literal counterparts
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Journal article

Emotional valence and arousal affect reading in an interactive way: neuroimaging evidence for an approach-withdrawal framework
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Journal article

Social context modulates the effect of physical warmth on perceived interpersonal kindness: a study of embodied metaphors
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Journal article

How are affective word ratings related to lexicosemantic properties?: evidence from the Sussex Affective Word List
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Journal article

Effects of valence and arousal on written word recognition: Time course and ERP correlates
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Journal article

Neural correlates of written emotion word processing: a review of recent electrophysiological and hemodynamic neuroimaging studies
Citron, F.M.M. 09/2012
Literature review

Mass counts: ERP correlates of non-adjacent dependency learning under different exposure conditions
Citron, F.M.M., Oberecker, R., Friederici, A.D., Mueller, J.L. 10/01/2011 In: Neuroscience Letters. 487, 3, p. 282-286. 5 p.
Journal article

  • Language and Literacy
  • Perception and Action