Dr Helen O'Keeffe FHEA

Senior Lecturer

Research Overview

My research focuses on particle physics, in particular measuring properties of the neutrino. I collaborate with the Tokai to Kamioka (T2K), Hyper-Kamiokande and SNO+ experiments. Within these experiments, my research interests include the analysis of neutral pion production in neutrino-nucleon interactions, development of Data Acquisition methods for next-generation experiments, precision measurements of radioactive backgrounds and searches for invisible modes of nucleon decay.

In addition to my research, I organise the annual “Particle Physics Masterclass” at Lancaster, attended by approximately 180 local sixth form students.

Selected Publications Show all 68 publications

Neutrino oscillation physics potential of the T2K experiment
T2K Collaboration 1/04/2015 In: Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics. 2015, 4, 36 p.
Journal article

Search for short baseline $ν_e$ disappearance with the T2K near detector
T2K Collaboration 16/03/2015 In: Physical Review D. 91, 5, 8 p.
Journal article

Measurements of neutrino oscillation in appearance and disappearance channels by the T2K experiment with 6.6E20 protons on target
T2K Collaboration 29/04/2015 In: Physical Review D. 91, 7, 50 p.
Journal article

T2K neutrino flux prediction
T2K Collaboration, Finch, A., Kormos, L., Bertram, I., Ratoff, P., Bentham, S., Reeves, M., Grant, N., Southwell, L., O'Keeffe, H., Dealtry, T.J. 2/01/2013 In: Physical Review D. 87, 1, 34 p.
Journal article

Measurement of neutrino oscillation parameters from muon neutrino disappearance with an off-axis beam
T2K Collaboration, Brailsford, D.B. 19/11/2013 In: Physical Review Letters. 111, 21, 7 p.
Journal article

The electromagnetic calorimeter for the T2K near detector ND280
Kormos, L., Bertram, I., Ratoff, P., Bentham, S., Grant, N., Reeves, M., Finch, A., Davies, G., O'Keeffe, H., Hatzikoutelis, A., Maryon, T., Mercer, I., Reeves, M. 17/10/2013 In: Journal of Instrumentation. 8, 10, 42 p.
Journal article

Low-energy-threshold analysis of the Phase I and Phase II data sets of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
Aharmim, B., Ahmed, S.N., Anthony, A.E., Barros, N., Beier, E.W., Bellerive, A., Beltran, B., Bergevin, M., Biller, S.D., Boudjemline, K., Boulay, M.G., Burritt, T.H., Cai, B., Chan, Y.D., Chauhan, D., Chen, M., Cleveland, B.T., Cox, G.A., Dai, X., Deng, H., Detwiler, J., DiMarco, M., Doe, P.J., Doucas, G., Drouin, P., Duba, C.A., Duncan, F.A., Dunford, M., Earle, E.D., Elliott, S.R., Evans, H.C., Ewan, G.T., Farine, J., Fergani, H., Fleurot, F., Ford, R.J., Formaggio, J.A., Gagnon, N., Goon, J.T., Graham, K., Guillian, E., Habib, S., Hahn, R.L., Hallin, A.L., Hallman, E.D., Harvey, P.J., Hazama, R., Heintzelman, W.J., Heise, J., Helmer, R.L., Hime, A., Howard, C., Howe, M.A., Huang, M., Jamieson, B., Jelley, N.A., Keeter, K.J., Klein, J.R., Kormos, L.L., Kos, M., Kraus, C., Krauss, C.B., Kutter, T., Kyba, C.C.M., Law, J., Lawson, I.T., Lesko, K.T., Leslie, J.R., Levine, I., Loach, J.C., MacLellan, R., Majerus, S., Mak, H.B., Maneira, J., Martin, R., McCauley, N., McDonald, A.B., McGee 05/2010 In: Physical Review C. 81, 5, p. -. 49 p.
Journal article

Searches for high-frequency variations in the 8B solar neutrino flux at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
Kormos, L., O'Keeffe, H. 02/2010 In: The Astrophysical Journal. 710, 1, p. 540-548. 9 p.
Journal article

The calibration of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory using uniformly distributed radioactive sources
Boudjemline, K., Cai, B., Cleveland, B.T., Evans, H.C., Ewan, G.T., Farine, J., Ford, R.J., Guillian, E., Hallin, A.L., Hallman, E.D., Howard, C.V., Jagam, P., Jelley, N.A., Keeter, K.J., Klein, J.R., Kraus, C., Krauss, C.B., Lange, R., Lawson, I.T., Loach, J.C., McDonald, A.B., Mcgregor, G., Noble, A.J., O'Keeffe, H., Peeters, S.J.M., Poon, A.W.P., Reitzner, S.D., Rielage, K., Robertson, R.G.H., Rusu, V.l., Seibert, S.R., Skensved, P., Thomson, M.J. 1/08/2010 In: Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment. 620, 2-3, p. 171-181. 11 p.
Journal article

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