Dr Jared Piazza


Research Overview

I study the psychological processes involved in moral judgment, prosocial behaviour, and ethical decision making. I'm a member of the Moral Cognition and Behaviour (MCAB) Lab at Lancs. See my personal webpage for full list of publications by topic, research tools, and other professional materials.

Research Interests (Key words)

  • Moral judgment
  • Moral emotions
  • Moral character
  • Psychology of religion
  • Social cognition
  • Prosocial behaviour and behavioural change
  • Thinking morally about animals
  • Ethical decision-making
  • Food and morality

Thinking morally about animals
Loughnan, S., Piazza, J.R. 28/12/2017 In: The Atlas of Moral Psychology. Guilford Press
Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Re-evaluating moral disgust: Sensitivity to many affective states predicts extremity in many evaluative judgments
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Are baby animals less appetizing?: Tenderness towards baby animals and appetite for meat
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Moral pride: benefits and challenges of experiencing and expressing pride in one’s moral achievements
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From impure to harmful: asymmetric expectations about immoral agents
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Journal article

When meat gets personal, animals' minds matter less: motivated use of intelligence information in judgments of moral standing
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Journal article

When it's bad to be friendly and smart: the desirability of sociability and competence depends on morality
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Journal article

Belief in divine moral authority: validation of a shortened scale with implications for social attitudes and moral cognition
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Journal article

When injustice is at stake, moral judgements are not parochial
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Perceiving the agency of harmful agents: a test of dehumanization versus moral typecasting accounts
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Journal article

Evolutionary cyberpsychology 2.0: revisiting some old predictions and posting some new ones in the age of Facebook.
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Conceptual and empirical challenges to the "authentic" versus "hubristic" model of pride
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Further challenges to the "authentic"/"hubristic" model of pride: conceptual clarifications and new evidence
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