Dr Lara Warmelink

Lecturer - Security Lancaster

My Role

I am a lecturer in the Department of Psychology and connected to Security Lancaster.

Jumping the gun: faster response latencies to deceptive questions in a realistic scenario
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Journal article

You cannot hide your telephone lies: providing a model statement as an aid to detect deception in insurance telephone calls
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Journal article

Did Somebody See It? Applying the Verifiability Approach to Insurance Claim Interviews
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Journal article

Pseudoreplication: a widespread problem in primate communication research
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Who should I look at?: eye contact during collective interviewing as a cue to deceit
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Journal article

Spatial and Temporal Details in Intentions: A Cue to Detecting Deception
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Journal article

The Effects of Unexpected Questions on Detecting Familiar and Unfamiliar Lies
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Journal article

The Direction of Deception: Neuro-Linguistic Programming as a Lie Detection Tool
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Journal article

The effect of question expectedness and experience on lying about intentions
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Journal article

Windows to the Soul? Deliberate Eye Contact as a Cue to Deceit
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Journal article

Collective interviewing of suspects
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Journal article

Thermal Imaging as a Lie Detection Tool at Airports
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Journal article

Drawings as an Innovative and Successful Lie Detection Tool
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Journal article