Dr Nigel Watson

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Governance

Research Overview

My research and teaching interests are in the area of natural resources governance and management, particularly water resources and the development of integrated approaches for catchments and entire river basin systems. Focusing on institutional arrangements, my goal is to advance theoretical understanding and practical application of multi-party collaboration as a basis for policy making and implementation. I am committed to making a positive difference, and work closely with policy makers and multi-party catchment groups.

Water governance and agricultural management: collaboratively dealing with complex policy problems
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Journal article

The flood recovery gap: a real-time study of local recovery following the floods of June 2007 in Hull, North East England
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Journal article

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Journal article

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Journal article

Factors influencing the frames and approaches of host organizations for collaborative catchment management in England
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Journal article

Opening up catchment science: an experiment in Loweswater, Cumbria, England
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IWRM in England: bridging the gap between top-down and bottom-up implementation
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Journal article

Placing the flood recovery process
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Organisational understandings and commitments for collaborative catchment management: a survey of local initiatives (Final Report, Project WT0997)
Watson, N. 07/2013
Other contribution

Water Framework Directive
Surridge, B., Watson, N. 2012 In: Encyclopedia of lakes and reservoirs. Springer Verlag
Entry for encyclopedia/dictionary

A community approach to catchment management
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Other report

Risk governance and natural hazards
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Commissioned report

Integrating water and agricultural management: Collaborative governance for a complex policy problem
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Journal article

Diffuse pollution innovation through networks and demonstration.
Haygarth, P.M., Alcock, R.E., Oliver, D.M., Watson, N., Cunning, R., Heathwaite, A.L., Fox, J. 4/09/2010

After the rain - learning the lessons from flood recovery in Hull. Final project report for 'Flood, Vulnerability and Urban Resilience: a real-time study of local recovery following the floods of June 2007 in Hull'.
Whittle, R., Medd, W., Deeming, H., Kashefi, E., Mort, M., Walker, G., Watson, N. 02/2010 Lancaster UK, 176 p.
Working paper

Beyond bureaucracy? Assessing Institutional Change in the Governance of Water in England and Wales
Watson, N., Deeming, H., Treffny, R. 10/2009 In: Water Alternatives. 2, 3, p. 448-460. 13 p.
Journal article

Submission by Lancaster University for Defra consultation on the Draft Flood and Water Management Bill.
Sims, R., Medd, W., Mort, M., Twigger-Ross, C., Walker, G., Watson, N. 24/07/2009 Lancaster, 15 p.
Working paper

Locally appropriate response and recovery – submission by Lancaster University for Defra consultation on the National Flood Emergency Framework.
Sims, R., Medd, W., Mort, M., Twigger-Ross, C., Walker, G., Watson, N. 27/03/2009 Lancaster UK, 21 p.
Working paper

Integrated catchment management and the WFD: Dealing with the complexity and uncertainty of diffuse pollution from agriculture
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Journal article

Perspectives on resilience from households in Hull – response to Defra consultation on policy options for promoting property-level flood protection and resilience
Sims, R., Medd, W., Mort, M., Watson, N., Walker, G., Twigger-Ross, C. 31/10/2008 Lancaster UK, 27 p.
Working paper

The ongoing experience of recovery for households in Hull – response to the Pitt Review Interim Report Learning the lessons from the 2007 floods, Chapter 9 of the Pitt Review Interim Report
Sims, R., Medd, W., Kashefi, E., Mort, M., Watson, N., Walker, G., Twigger-Ross, C. 31/03/2008 Lancaster UK, 14 p.
Working paper

Critical Perspectives on Integrated Water Management.
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Journal article

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Journal article

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Journal article

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Journal article

Understanding the factors affecting health in Halton : final report.
Burgess, C., Crutchley, A., Clark, G., Davies, G., Gattrell, T.C., Pooley, C.G., Stelfox, M., Watson, N., Welshman, J., Whyatt, D. 2004
Other contribution

Flood vulnerability and resilience
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Understanding & Acting within Loweswater: A Community approach to Catchment Management
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FP6: Governat
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