Professor Saidur Rahman


Research Overview

Professor Rahman Saidur, has a part time affiliation to Lancaster University’s Department of Engineering. He works in the area of renewable energy, energy efficiency, thermal energy storage and nano-materials for renewable energy applications. Professor Saidur has published more than 350 journal papers and majority of them are in top ranking journals. A number of his papers were listed among the top 25 articles in Sciencedirect published by Elsevier Limited. According to Web of Science, more than 20 papers were listed as ‘highly cited’ papers. He has supervised more than 60 postgraduate students so far. He is listed as one of the highgly cited researcher for the year 2017.

Economic viability and production capacity of wind generated renewable hydrogen
Mohsin, M., Rasheed, A., Rahman, S. 1/02/2018 In: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 43, 5, p. 2621-2630. 10 p.
Journal article

Energy auditing
Allouhi, A., Boharb, A., Rahman, S., Kousksou, T., Jamil, A.M. 1/02/2018 In: Comprehensive Energy Systems. London : Elsevier ISBN: 9780128095973.

Effect of particle size on the viscosity of nanofluids: a review
Dogacan Koca, H., Doganay, S., Turgut, A., Tavman, I.H., Rahman, S., Mahbubul, I.M. 02/2018 In: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 82, 1, p. 1664-1674. 31 p.
Journal article

Energy and exergy analyses of a parabolic trough collector operated with nanofluids for medium and high temperature applications
Allouhi, A., Amine , B., Rahman, S., Kousksou , T.T., Jamil , A. 01/2018 In: Energy Conversion and Management. 155, p. 201-217. 17 p.
Journal article

Investigation of energy saving potentials in T-junction and elbow in compressed air systems
Sambandam, M.T., Madlool, N.A., Rahman, S., Devaraj, D., Rajakarunakaran, S. 10/2017 In: Energy Efficiency. 10, 5, p. 1099-1113. 15 p.
Journal article

Solar Process Heat in Industrial Systems- A Global Review
Farjana, S.H., Huda, N., Mahmud, M.A.P., Rahman, S. 25/08/2017 In: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 82, 3, p. 2270-2286. 17 p.
Journal article

Multi-Objective Optimization in a Finite Time Thermodynamic Method for Dish-Stirling by Branch and Bound Method and MOPSO Algorithm
Nazemzadegan, M.R., Kasaeian, A., Toghyani, S., Ahmadi, M.H., Rahman, S., Ming, T. 9/08/2017 In: Frontiers in Energy. 36 p.
Journal article

Exergy analysis of a hydrogen and water production process by a solar-driven transcritical CO2 power cycle with Stirling engine
Naseri, A., Bidi, M., Ahmadi, M.H., Rahman, S. 1/08/2017 In: Journal of Cleaner Production. 158, p. 165-181. 17 p.
Journal article

Hydrodynamic performance of a pulsed extraction column containing ZnO nanoparticles: drop size and size distribution
Amani, P., Amani, M., Rahman, S., Yan, W. 05/2017 In: Chemical Engineering Research and Design. 121, p. 275-286. 12 p.
Journal article