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Internship Case Studies


Amey and United Utilities Benefits From Engineering Internship

Amey and United Utilities

Internship Focus: Research to investigate jet hose failure rates.

Company: Amey provides emergency responses to any United Utilities customer issues in relation to the wastewater sewer network. Recommendations from the research were implemented by Amey and helped them win new business with larger companies.

Fat Media Benefits From Psychology of Advertising Internship

Fat Media

Internship Focus: Competitor analysis and psycholinguistic review of promotional documents.

Company: Fat Media Limited is a multi-award-winning website design and digital marketing company with hundreds of clients across the UK. They implemented the recommendations from the review and improved their marketing documentation to win new business.

Intelligent Turf Limited benefits from Science and Technology Internship Programme

Intelligent Turf Limited

Internship Focus: Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing database development to capture, visualise and analyse temporal and spatial data on turfgrass sites.

Company: Intelligent Turf Limited provides precision turfgrass management through the capture, analysis and visualisation of objective plant and soil data. The interns helped the business to move forward and develop a product and service which is being used at golf courses and stadia.

The Land Trust Benefits From Lancaster Environment Centre Internship

The Land Trust

Internship Focus: Research on the health benefits of open spaces.

Company: The Land Trust provides cost effective management solutions for open space and green infrastructure. They used the research as evidence to clarify and hone their key messages for communications and marketing purposes.

Next World Web benefits from School of Computing and Communications Internship

Next World Web

Internship Focus: Development of a web application to act as a promotional tool.

Company: Next World Web is a web development company, providing software engineering and programming specialising in bespoke web application including ecommerce websites. The internship provided them with a new service offering to attract new clients.

Simplifi-Solutions Limited Benefits From Internship

Simplifi-Solutions Limited

Internship Focus: Research to improve customer support for a compliance software tool and to source and contact potential clients for the company to help expand its client base.

Company: Simplifi-Solutions Limited provides a range of tools to help businesses monitor and manage their compliance with relevant energy, environmental and health and safety legislation. The research informed the development of their tools and helped attract new clients.

Microfab Limited develops new laboratory device


Internship Focus: Prototypes and proof of concept for a low pressure pump system and micro fluid incubator.

Company: Microfab Limited was created in 2013 to investigate the use of 3D printing to create inexpensive, portable laboratory devices. An Engineering intern, funded by the Impact Acceleration Account, research different 3D printing techniques, used the departments 3D printing facilities, and helped develop prototypes which the company can now go to industry with.