Bowland College Principal, Joe Sweeney

Welcome from our Principal

As the principal of Bowland College I am delighted to welcome you to the College and to Lancaster University. College life at Lancaster allows you to be part of a community, to find support, friendship, and a whole range of activities and experiences which will add to your academic studies and achievements.

Bowland is the oldest of the University’s colleges and it retains its position in the centre of the University campus. It consists of senior members (university staff) who are part of the Senior Common Room or SCR, and junior members (that’s you) who are all part of the Junior Common Room or JCR.

In Bowland we aim to foster a college spirit of regard for others, to build a warm and friendly community and to ensure that everyone can access all of the opportunities the university has to offer. Life in Bowland is full of possibilities and you will find both social activities and many others – which could involve volunteering, sports, international experience, or personal development. You don’t have to do them all at once, but as in most things the more you put in the more you get out.

I hope you will find many positive ways to engage with the Bowland community. Things may not all be plain sailing as you adapt to your new life at University. There are many people in Bowland who are keen to help you find your feet and to support you as needed throughout your time at Lancaster. We have college advisors, an excellent team of college staff and college officers, and committed JCR officers who have been elected by students to make Bowland work for students. If you need advice, information or a friendly word, do speak to the porters, drop into the college office, or drop into the JCR office.

I hope that you all feel at home in Bowland quickly and that you have a happy and productive time here. I wish you all success in your academic programme and look forward to presenting you at your graduation.

Professor Joe Sweeney

Principal, Bowland College