Dr Aiqing Wang

Senior Teaching Associate in Chinese

Current Teaching

  • CHIN100: Part I Chinese (Beginners to CEFR:A2)
  • CHIN101: Part I Chinese Studies (Advanced/CEFR:B1)
  • CHIN201: Chinese Language 3
  • CHIN300: Chinese Language 4
  • CHIN400: Chinese Language and Culture for Business
  • CHIN401: Chinese Business Culture and Intercultural Communication
  • DELC100: Part I Language Studies
  • DELC330: Chinese Culture and Society
  • DELC416: Academic and Practical Methods in Translation
  • DELC420: MA Translation Project
  • DELC422: Translation in a Professional Context
  • DELC423: Introduction to Liaison Interpreting
  • DELC424: Independent Study Unit (MA Translation)
  • DeLC Extracurricular Course: Chinese for Business
  • Chinese Language for Business
  • Chinese Improver 3-4
  • Chinese Improver 7-8

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